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Hi, my name is Janet MacLellan! My husband and I opened our first store in July 1995 in a 1000 square foot store.  We doubled the space 18 months later and a year later moved a block south.  In 2003 after my husband died.  I moved to a third location which I closed in December 2004.  In 2010 I was asked to manage the Ephphatha House bookstore which I did for 2 years.  In 2012 when I moved to St. Andrew's Senior's Centre, where I volunteered to run the parish store which I did for the next 7 years. 


In January 2020, people started bugging me to open my own store which I said would never happen.  At the end of February 2020, I found a space which I felt would be a good location for my store if I ever wanted to open one.  Called the number to inquire about rent etc. and in the first week of March  signed a lease, registered the name, paid the damage deposit and was planning for a grand opening on March 19.  I did open on March 19 but it wasn't the grand opening that I had planned.

Nine days after I opened I was shut down due to COVID.  When I was asked how long my first store was opened I thought about it and said nine years, then I had sold 2 years at Ephphatha and 7 years at St Andrews's (another 9).  Nine is the number for the angels (there are 9 choirs of angels), I felt this was mystical (the third nine).

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